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Things I have Done

Historia hominis est indicium eius peritias

Rubber Moderns Shoots

Did I mention that working with creative amazing people is something I love?  Well all those involved in the Rubber Modern fetish shoots are incredible AND mind-blowingly EXQUISITE.  These works are residing in a privately published 150+ page glossy folio currently.  Special thanks to Rubber Elle, Spitfyre, ItsNvrEnuf from FetLife.  They make it all worthwhile.


Rubber Catalog Shoots

The wardrobe latex couture from the now defunct Reactor Rubber had the models I shoot with calling them  miracle tops  and better ;-)  Syren Catalog Shoots: I had several crazy fast photo shoots, quick wardrobe changes and poised and prancing models ended up with a mass of catalog images for Andy, the previous proprietor of Syren.

Bordello of Decadence Shoots

I've never shot so fast, so long, or with so many intense fantastic people all in one place.  Two shoots running all day long, so many keeper images that it was mind boggling to choose between them.  Kudos to BigDaddyBD, and Ivan Beast for pulling it all together and for their vision and creativeness.  BoD's play furniture and accessories are unique and superb in quality

DomCon 10th Anniversary Photo Book

As an official staff photographer for the DomCon event in Los Angeles, I shot and produced a book that is full of gorgeous powerful Mistresses who attended, the parties, happenings and also the  intensely interesting people who attended, played, and experienced DomCon.

Marquis Magazine Spread

Emily Marilyn in candy colored latex and color saturated over the top settings (can anyone say FAUX PINK FUR?) Emily's talent at styling and wardrobe make a combined still and video documentary shoot incredible and kick-ass.

Car Kulture DeLuxe Spread

A great shoot with the delicious hot self-styled Emily Marilyn and a muscle car on a cloudy rain threatening day.  Threatened strobes battery packed and well-grounded but I'm glad it only sprinkled before we wrapped the gig.  Emily is gorgeous and amazing in latex!!!

Fetish Images II & Marquis Model Directory

Erotic literature story published as my first foray into international fetish erotica... Marquis Fetish Model Directory.  I had the distinctly enjoyable task of working with several models on images for their entries in this publication.

Bondage Baby Album Cover

From a fun hotel shoot I did with the pin-up retro vintage delicious deluxe Bernie Dexter. I felt like I was Klaw getting a chance to work with Bettie! INCREDIBLE images of which one made the cover of a vinyl record pressing by the band Jump Boys.