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Want to Collaborate?

In synergy multiplorum contributers possunt afferre exquisita creations in esse

Did you ever stop and say to yourself:

SELF, dammit I need some new kick-ass photos in my port… and realize that there staring you in the face, right in front of your nose was a chance to collaborate on some killer amazing fantastic images with a photographer thinking the EXACT same thing?  Well GUESS what?!  I'm in front of your nose ;-)  I do mongo pin-up glamour fetish (latex, leather, lace, vintage, pin-up, etc. etc.) guerrilla hotel, location and studio shoots through-out the year.

What the hell is a mongo shoot you say!?


A Mongo shoot with me is...


* Shooting in a hotel on location or in a studio

* Collaborating on some classy but intense energy-filled gorgeous powerful images

* Getting rights to use all the pics fit to print for self-promotion

* Professional Retouching

* Proofsheets, a DVD and selected prints of the images we create for you

* Oh and did I forget to mention SNACKS!


That's what the shoot is, now what should YOU be?

Click here if want to find out...