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Who is this Guy?

Quis est iste de quo loquimur

Curious eyes, black as Night, head turned to catch the Light, the Raven prepares to take Flight...

Walking a path…


I'm a Fashion Forward, Fetish, Pin-up, Glamour photographer.  I've been into traditional film photography for years, and high rez digital for the last twelve. My mojos are creative visual layouts and subtle  luminous Photoshop retouching.


Interested most in working with people (models, stylists, make-up artists) who collaborate and ADD to the creative process.  I plan my shoots, but still want onset synthesis of kick-ass ideas from all involved.


Strongly motivated to create images that rock people back on their heels in appreciation, pleasure, surprise, shock, satisfaction.


Strong influences are Bob Carlos Clarke, Marcus Grey, Banksy, Brom, Ignacious Noe, Eric Kroll and Ward.

I have somehow, somewhere picked up the need to express,create and bring to life in images what spins and bursts out from my imagination.


The satisfaction, the feeling of something worthwhile or soul-felt being accomplished drives me.  I'm energized and want to promote and inspire those creative individuals I work with and collaborate with, as they do me.


To explore the fantasy that couture evokes, the drama that fetish embodies, and to celebrate the wonderful talents that are walking around undiscovered by the mainstream popular media.


Look around you, and you will realize that there are amazing people, creating, emoting, effecting this earth and those around them, just as or more talented and more wonderfully complex and interesting than the most publicized "star" or pop culture icon.